Somerdale ET Primary 
Learn Together to Live Together

Food Culture

School lunches and food culture within our school.

School Menu

As a school, we are immensely proud of the food culture we are developing in school. All our pupils from pre-school to year 3 pupils eat our school lunches, which are cooked fresh from scratch every day in our designated kitchen by Carla, our Chef , and Jenna , our Assistant Chef. When we say “live together to learn together”, we want to live those values!  

Lunch begins at twelve and finishes at one o’clock and this is an important social time as well as time to refuel! When we sit alongside our friends and the adults in the school, eating the same meal together, we learn to talk, share and enjoy food whatever our background.   If our children attend the breakfast and after school club, Somerdale Sycamores , they will eat all three meals a day in school. Our chef will be looking to grow and support our pupils in the future to understand both healthy eating and also sustainability issues.

Our family breakfasts have been a big success this where children and families can share their breakfasts with others in the school community. We will be using food celebrations soon as a way to bring families in to school and develop community  supper evenings  as a way of sharing in the culinary delights of our school !

Please  find below our latest menu for Somerdale this term.