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We are currently recruiting for a Cook/Chef.


Job Opportunities and Volunteering

If an equality based education is vital to you, this is an exciting opportunity to join Educate Together and to develop our next new schools in the UK.

At Somerdale, we opened in September 2017 with a mixed Reception/Year One class, growing incrementally every year until we have 210 pupils plus pre-school. 

Educate Together primary schools are a new type of school offering choice to families in the UK is the first time.

There are 90 schools in Ireland: this model of primary education has been successfully developed over the past 38 years. The equality based ethos and its special ethical education curriculum are particularly suited to the education of children for life in today’s diverse and globalised world. It is expected that further schools will be opening in the next few years in South West area.

All our schools operate under the following principles:

·      Equality based -  all children have equal rights of access to the school and children of all social cultural and religious backgrounds are equally respected

·      Co-Educational –we are committed to encouraging all children to explore the full range of their abilities and opportunities available to them

·      Child-centred – we will ensure that our approach to education is for the benefit of a child’s learning and/or welfare

·      Democratically run -  we will encourage active participation for parents, pupils and the community in the daily life of the school whilst positively affirming the professional role of teachers

The curriculum

The unique Learn Together ethical curriculum is taught every day in an integrated way along with the National Curriculum.  The Learn Together curriculum follows four strands:

·      Moral and spiritual strand

·      Equality and justice strand

·      Belief system strand

·      Ethics and environment strand

All our staff will receive continuous professional development through our own in school training, our partner schools in Ireland and training providers in the UK. You may visit Educate Together schools in Dublin to learn more about the ethos and the Learn Together curriculum and to develop links with these schools both professionally and for our pupils.

What is an Educate Together School Booklet

Volunteer with us

Somerdale Educate Together welcomes volunteers for a number activities: Obviously all schools use volunteers to support reading and class visits but at Educate Together we value involvement and experience rom the community.

If you feel you have skill or job the children would like to hear about please get in touch. Maybe you have green fingers, maybe you speak languages, play an instrument or maybe you are just really handy with a set of allen keys, we would love to hear from you.

Please email

Please note that volunteering within the school on a regular basis requires a Disclosure and Barring Services Check and confirmation of identity.