Welcome to Year One/Year Two!

Our teacher is Katherine Richards and our higher level teaching assistant is Jo Devine.


Class Letters





A very warm welcome to all our families! Thank you for visiting.

If you have any further questions please come and see Katherine or Jo Devine.


This week's learning - Week commencing 8th October

We will update this section frequently to inform you of our planned learning objectives for the coming week.

 This week we will be...

-marking World Mental Health Day by reading ‘Ruby’s worry’ and discussing ideas on how to keep our mind healthy (check out ‘smiling minds’ online and GoNoodle for mindfulness, yoga and meditation activities)

-exploring our value of the month, ‘responsibility’ by thinking about what responsibility looks and feels like

- continuing on with writing non-fiction information about whales in English particularly focusing on using our sounds, using finger spaces and using conjunctions like ‘and’ ‘so’ ‘because’

-having a go at the ‘curves whoosh in’ letter family by learning how to write the letters oand g

- learning new graphemes ‘ay’ and ‘oy’ for the phoneme ‘ai’ and ‘oi’ and learning where we might find these graphemes in a word

-trying out new ways of spelling words using our spelling journals

-counting forwards and backwards from any number, ordering numbers to 100 and beginning to understand the place value of 2-digit numbers

-using tens and ones to represent the place value of a 2-digit number


Other things happening this week...

Friday 12th October Individual Photographs

Friday 12thOctober Y1/2 Lunch at the Chocolate Quarter Dining Room

Friday 12th October pm small group visit to Charterhouse


Important Dates

 Friday 19th October ‘Y1/2 Share and Celebrate’- come and celebrate our learning with us!

You will have a chance to look at, and talk to us about our Learn Together floor book, our English, our Maths and our Topic books. You will get to see how busy we are.

Thursday 25th 9am October Harvest