Parents and Community

As part of our commitment to being run democratically, Somerdale Educate Together are always looking for ways to collaborate and share our experiences with families and the local community.

Prior to the recent COVID 19 pandemic, we welcomed parents and carers into school often and were supported by a cohort of invaluable volunteers who helped around the school with tasks from governance to reading.

We look forward to times ahead when we will begin this work again but in the meantime, if you have any suggestions for new ways to be involved, or would like to talk about activities for the future, please get in touch by calling the office on 0117 379 0888 or emailing


Admissions 2022

Applications for September 2022 are now closed but you can still make a late application via the Local Authority Admissions Team.

If the reception class is oversubscribed, places at the school will be allocated following our admissions policy.

Please contact the B&NES Admission Team on 01225 394312 or call us on 0117 3790888 if you have any further questions.

Further information can be found on the B&NES website here.

Please see here for:

Admissions Appeal Timetable Somerdale ET Primary

Admissions Policy 2022

* Please note that both the 2022 Admissions Policies have been amended to reflect new Statutory Guidance for the definition of Children in Care. This amendment to Criteria 1, can be found on page 4. All other aspects of the policy remain as before. This change has been agreed by the Trust Board.

In Year Admissions

As a new school, we do still have limited spaces in other year groups, up to year 5.

Please contact Amy, our School Administrator to enquire about a space and complete an application form.  All applications for In-Year Admission will be handled within 10 working, school days or less.  Where spaces are not available your child’s name will be placed on a waiting list, which operates in accordance with our 2021 Admissions over-subscription criteria.

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At Educate Together we actively encourage the involvement of parents in the education of your children. Research shows that children do better in school if parents take an active part in their child’s education.

How can you support your child?

  • Come into the classroom for ‘activity mornings’ every day
  • Share books with your child and enjoy talking about them
  • Hear them read their school reading book regularly – at least five times a week
  • Find out and learn with your child about the topics they are doing
  • Visit the school often, talk to the teachers and spend time in the classroom – there will be plenty of opportunities to do this throughout the year
  • Shopping and cooking with your child is an excellent way to use maths in an everyday context
  • Attend open days, parent workshops and open evenings
  • Talk to the children about their time in school

Get Involved at Somerdale ET Primary:

  • Attend parent forums and parent information afternoon/evenings
  • Become a reading volunteer
  • Helping on school trips and visits to the local area
  • Use your skills and talents to help us – let us know if you have any interests or hobbies that could be incorporated into our school
  • Become a parent Council Member
  • Respond to questionnaires and surveys
  • Talk to the teachers and the Headteacher


Join us as a volunteer reader on a regular basis, visit for an hour to show us a special skill or stop by to help with the gardening. There are many ways you can help at our school and we are always happy to hear new suggestions!

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Term Dates SET 2022-23 (3)


Other events throughout the year will be listed in the events section.

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PRESS RELEASE: Somerdale Educate Together Primary announces first Ofsted report

****May 10th 2022 ****

Somerdale Educate Together Primary are excited to share their first Ofsted report with you, having achieved a ranking of ‘Good’ at their first inspection.

The one-form entry school, which opened in 2017, next to the iconic Fry’s Chocolate Factory, offers pupils an ethical curriculum alongside the National Curriculum, with pupils spending time discussing ethics, the environment and sustainability. Somerdale ET is proud to be the first and only school in Bath and North East Somerset to be awarded with the Unicef Silver Rights Respecting School status where the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child are embedded into their ethos and curriculum.

The inspector commented, ‘Somerdale Educate Together is a place where leaders, teachers and pupils live and breathe the values of the school. It is an inclusive school where pupils feel safe and happy… Pupils say the best thing about the school is that “no-one is an outsider, and everyone is included”.’

Families and staff at Somerdale ET have worked together to build a strong community that reflects their shared values and live by the principles of being equality based, co-educational, child-centred and democratically run.

Chris Thomas-Unsworth, Headteacher said,

“We are thrilled with our first Ofsted report and are really pleased that the inspectors recognised the hard work and progress we have made since the school opened in 2017. I would like to thank all the pupils, families, staff and governors for their continued support and dedication to the school.”

CEO, Jo Bradshaw added, ‘It really is a testament to the wonderful staff and families in Somerdale ET, that they have achieved such a great result despite the challenging times we ave all faced throughout the last two years. We look forward to seeing them grow from strength to strength.’

The full Ofsted report is available here. 


Current Lunch Menu


Please click on the links below to see our current menus.

Menu March 2022

Dairy Free Menu


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A venue at the heart of the community

Somerdale ET Primary has several spaces available for hire, outside of school times. We are committed to using the school as a community asset and look forward to welcoming members of the community into our lovely building. At present we are limiting bookings but please let us know your plans and if we can accommodate you safely we will do so.

Spaces available are the school hall, playground and our community meeting room with an adjoining interview room.

Please see our Lettings Policy for price and terms and conditions, or contact Amy on to find out more.

Bookings Form – please submit completed booking forms to

Please call us on 0117 3790888 with any questions.

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Welcome to the Friends of Somerdale Educate Together (known as FOSET)

The Committee

Please click below to see the latest newsletter where you will find details of our fundraising activities and planned events.

Newsletter – January 2022

Newsletter – March 2022

Come and join us on Friends of Somerdale Educate Together Facebook page.

We also have an email address if you want to contact us which is

Any suggestions you have on fundraising ideas, events and ways to engage with the community would be very welcome.

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Phone away, how was your day?

Your child’s days at school are very busy and exciting. As we want all children to have a positive school experience it is critical that the language used at home highlights and focuses on the positive. Here are some ideas of ways to engage in conversation about your child’s day:

  • Tell me about the best part of your day…
  • Tell me one thing you learnt today….
  • I wonder what you did today that made you proud?
  • Tell me something you did that made you smile…
  • Tell me someone you played with today…
  • Tell me something that made you happy today…
  • I wonder what you had for lunch today…
  • Tell me everything you would like to do this evening…


  • Make time to read together – this should be a calm time for you both to enjoy!

  • Share books, comics, magazines, catalogues – reading is everywhere and isn’t just your child’s reading book!

  • If your child is tired, you read the book and get them to spot tricky words in the book, help you with sounding out words etc.

  • Make mistakes as you read – children love to be the teacher and will correct you!

  • Spend time each day reading – this can be reading signs of shops, practising tricky words, sharing a book, reading labels on items in the cupboard etc.

  • Talk about the book – can the children predict what may happen? can they find their favourite part?

  • Enjoy reading together!

  • Let your child see you reading at home.

  • Have fun with reading!Reading link


  • Using mathematical vocabulary – add, take away, more, less half, full, big, little

  • Encourage and enthuse

  • Value their mathematical mark making

  • Make maths everyday and every moment, maths is everywhere!

  • Ask children to show you. Prove it, Explain it, Draw it! The answer is only the beginning.

  • Allow them time to explore mathematical concepts.

  • Be positive about maths around your child.

  • Build their confidence in their abilities to achieve in maths.

  • Make time in your week to play games, cook, go to the shops and let them buy an item.

  • Spot the maths in their environment.

Have fun with MATHS!

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