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Somerdale Educate Together Primary Admissions

Reception Admissions 2019: Admissions are now closed.

National Offer Day is Wednesday 16th April 2019. If you have questions following National Offer day, please feel free to call or email us. We encourage all families to accept their space via the BANES Co-ordinated Scheme, as soon as possible as this helps us with transition planning and helps the Local Authority to allocate spaces across the wider Keynsham area.

If you have recently moved house and have missed the admissions deadline, please contact the BANES Admissions Team on 01225 394312 to submit a late application.

Please call us on 0117 3790888 with any questions.


BANES Admissions to Schools

If the school receives more than 30 applications for spaces an over-subscription criteria will be applied to allocate spaces. Further details can be found in our admissions policy.

If an application is unsuccessful for a place in Reception at Somerdale the school has a  waiting list which you may join. If you wish to appeal about an unsuccessful application, we follow the Schools Admissions Appeals Code. Click here for a copy of our Appeals timetable and details:

Applications  for a space in year 1 or 2

If you would like to apply for a place in Year 1or 2 for your child, please contact Amy on 0117 3790888 or e-mail on