Somerdale ET Primary 
Learn Together to Live Together


An overview of the schools Governance structure, as part of the ETAT Trust.

The Educate Together Academy Trust

The School is governed by the Multi Academy Trust, Educate Together Academy Trust. The Trust Board oversees the functions of the school and is responsible for the strategic direction of the schools, the implementation of the ethos and core principles and effective finance and standards.

Details of the Trust’s approach to governance and it’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and audited accounts can found on the ETAT website here.

To view our funding agreement please click here. 

Academy Development Council

Somerdale Educate Together has an Academy Development Council (ADC) who volunteer their time and expertise to help develop and shape the school for the community it works within. The Council also acts as a line of communication between the school and the Trust Board and has one Trust representative. The membership of each Academy Development Council includes elected parents and staff, and community representatives. The Headteacher of the school is an ex-officio member of the local governing body. They meet at six times a year.

Minutes are available here.

Academy Development Council – Further Information

The overall objective of the Academy Development Council (ADC) is the development of the most positive relationship between the parents, staff and wider community to enhance the learning of the children in the school.

In particular, its purpose is to implement the democratic principle of the Trust’s ethos - that the academy will be, “Democratically run with active participation of the parents in the life of the school, whilst positively affirming the professional role of the teachers”.  This principle is based on a body of evidence that supports the view that a school that embraces parental, family and community input most effectively addresses the learning needs of its children.

The current (2018/19) Somerdale ADC focus will include:

·       Parent engagement / democracy (including organisation of annual Parent Forums)

·       Providing a ‘sounding board’ for Headteacher and senior leaders

·       Development of School Plan (non-curriculum areas)

·       Monitoring and championing the Learn Together Curriculum 

·       Supporting school communications and networking (being outward facing advocates)

·       Any other areas delegated by the Educate Together Academy Trust (e.g. monitoring policies which have school specific variations).

Who are the ADC Representatives?

Ideally the ADC is made up of a male and family parent representative, one teacher and a member of support staff, the Headteacher, two wider community representatives and two council members appointed by the Educate Together Academy Trust. Please follow the links to read a little more about our parent and community nominees.

Support Staff Nominee: Jo Devine

Community Nominee: Liz Rawlings

Community Nominee: Richard Vanstone

Trust Board Nominee: Vacancy

Chair and Parent Nominee: Kate Aldworth

Headteacher: Joanna Barr

Parent Nominee: Vacancy

Teacher Nominee: Sam O’Regan

The Chair can be contacted by post, at the schools address: Somerdale Educate Together Primary, Tiberius Road, Keynsham BS31 2FF. Please mark your envelope ‘Confidential’ if necessary.

What is the time commitment of being an ADC representative?

There is a minimum commitment of 6 hours per term. You will be expected to attend 6 meetings per year (1.5 hours long) and to read papers beforehand. You will also be invited to be involved in specific tasks/working groups in between meetings. The ADC currently meets early evening on the fourth Tuesday of each term.

Kate Aldworth, Chair and Parent Nominee

Kate Aldworth, Chair and Parent Nominee

Richard Vanstone, Community Nominee

Richard Vanstone, Community Nominee

Liz Rawlings, Community Nominee

Liz Rawlings, Community Nominee