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Year One

Welcome to Year One!

Our teacher is Alice Baker and our teaching assistant is Claire Coles.


Welcome to Year 1’s class page!

We will update this regularly in order to keep you informed with your child’s current learning.

Our key question this term is “Could you build another you?"

This links to our focus book “Can I build another me?” - Kevin is fed up of doing his homework and tidying up so explores the option of making another version of himself to do these things. In order to create the most realistic clone, he needs to gather lots of information about himself. This will be guiding some of our Learn Together as we discuss those special to us and explore our sense of identity further, fuel our science, learning about the human body, and inspire us in our writing. It also provides great design and technology opportunities as we explore building our own clones.

Our Current Learning

This week we are…

  • Celebrating Harvest.

  • Learning all about Diwali, the story of Rama and Sita and immersing ourselves in some of the traditions of the Hindu festival. This will inspire much of our learning this week as we make Rangoli patterns using numicon in maths and write about Diwali.

  • Continuing phase 5 in phonics. This week we will be looking at the alternative vowel grapheme ir (as in girl). Previously the children have been taught er and ur as ways of writing this sound. We will be learning the tricky word ‘looked’ and revising all of the phase 5 graphemes we have learned so far, trying to embed them before half term.

  • Working on forming our numbers correctly and continuing to look at writing our numerals as words. Number formation will be our early morning activity focus next term and children will have an individual number sheet to do each morning to practice getting those tricky numbers the right way round.

  • Exploring number bonds to 10.

  • Continuing to look at e-safety in ICT.

  • Celebrating United Nations Day.

  • Awaiting a reply letter from Robots R Us regarding our request for clones. This will link with some learn together discussions about individuality, identity and responsibility as we look at how not having a clone could actually be more beneficial for us.

  • Reflecting on all our fab learning and hard work this term before a well earned rest!

  • Continuing to explore and discuss our value of the month ‘Cooperation’.

(For a termly overview, have a look at the newsletter on the left hand side)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask Alice or Claire.

Thanks to parents/carers for all of your support this term. See you in term 2!