Supporting Your Child

Safer Internet Day: Feb 7th 2023

Somerdale ET will be marking Safer Internet Day with assemblies and discussion about staying safe online. As teachers, we are often asked for advise or resources for parents and carer’s, to ensure they can help keep children safe when using devices at home. Here are our top three picks for resources:

How to start conversation with your children about online safety: NSPCC

A source for links on how to stay safe online (this does cover topics such as online grooming): Childline

How to set up good habits around gaming technology and links on how to set up ‘family settings’ on consoles: Safer Internet Day


Phone away, how was your day?

Your child’s days at school are very busy and exciting. As we want all children to have a positive school experience it is critical that the language used at home highlights and focuses on the positive. Here are some ideas of ways to engage in conversation about your child’s day:

  • Tell me about the best part of your day…
  • Tell me one thing you learnt today….
  • I wonder what you did today that made you proud?
  • Tell me something you did that made you smile…
  • Tell me someone you played with today…
  • Tell me something that made you happy today…
  • I wonder what you had for lunch today…
  • Tell me everything you would like to do this evening…



  • Make time to read together – this should be a calm time for you both to enjoy!
  • Share books, comics, magazines, catalogues – reading is everywhere and isn’t just your child’s reading book!
  • If your child is tired, you read the book and get them to spot tricky words in the book, help you with sounding out words etc.
  • Make mistakes as you read – children love to be the teacher and will correct you!
  • Spend time each day reading – this can be reading signs of shops, practising tricky words, sharing a book, reading labels on items in the cupboard etc.
  • Talk about the book – can the children predict what may happen? can they find their favourite part?
  • Enjoy reading together!
  • Let your child see you reading at home.

Have fun with reading!



  • Using mathematical vocabulary – add, take away, more, less half, full, big, little
  • Encourage and enthuse
  • Value their mathematical mark making
  • Make maths everyday and every moment, maths is everywhere!
  • Ask children to show you. Prove it, Explain it, Draw it! The answer is only the beginning.
  • Allow them time to explore mathematical concepts.
  • Be positive about maths around your child.
  • Build their confidence in their abilities to achieve in maths.
  • Make time in your week to play games, cook, go to the shops and let them buy an item.
  • Spot the maths in their environment.

Have fun with MATHS!