School Clothing Guidance

At Educate Together we want children to be themselves, to be comfortable with who they are and be free to express themselves through what they wear.  The children are taught about respecting and celebrating each other’s individuality and it is important that children feel that they can express their individuality.

There is little research evidence available that can conclusively prove that wearing school uniforms has a positive or negative effect on pupils’ behaviour or learning. (Children’s Commissioner for Wales) We are also acutely aware of the financial pressures that a strict, dictated school uniform can have on our families.
Whilst we do not have a school uniform, we do expect children to be dressed sensibly and practically and we have some guidelines that we expect all in our community to follow to ensure that all rights are being respected, to ensure all children are safe and are able to access the full curriculum.

Clothing should be comfortable, easy for pupils to manage, weather appropriate and allow the children to move freely so that they can access all learning and play opportunities. This includes children having appropriate items in winter months (coat, hat, scarves, gloves), and summer months (sunhats, sunglasses).
Examples of unsuitable clothing: skinny jeans, loose fitting footwear, pyjamas unless it is a dedicated pyjama day, fancy dress unless a dedicated day. 

Children should wear clothing that is safe and does not harm themselves or others. Watches, small stud earrings or religious item required by the child’s faith can be worn.
Examples of unsuitable items: necklaces, hooped earrings (stud earrings only, and covered or removed for PE days), backless footwear, footwear with heels, shoes with wheels, smart watches with camera facilities and/or independent access to the internet


Children should wear clothing that is appropriate for all ages in the school and does not contain words or logos that can offend others, or cause them to feel unsafe. All parts of the stomach and back must be fully covered.
Examples of unsuitable items: make-up, words/logos which are controversial or degrades any culture, gender, religion or ethnic values, clothing which leave midriffs uncovered such as crop tops, very short bottoms, items where underwear is visible, strapless tops, off-shoulder shirts, tank tops.


On PE Days children should wear a loose-fitting top and shorts/jogging bottoms which allow children full movement of their bodies.

Children should also wear suitable footwear such as trainers. Ear studs should be removed or covered with medical tape for health and safety purposes.


Examples of acceptable items of clothing for school
Think positive messages, no distraction, comfort and cover



Think can they move with ease in these? Think, just above the knees please. 



Think comfort, grip and not slipping off.